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Mojo Man

JIMI HENDRIX_Somewhere_cover single_m Mojo Man Flames! I see electric flames yall They are burning all over All over me. Voodoo, Vodoo That’s what they call it now And ya best better Gone’ and let it be But I’ve always been

Hey Gypsy Boy

JIMI HENDRIX_Somewhere_cover single_m Hey Gypsy Boy Hey gypsy boy Where do you come from From the land of the new rising sun Hey gypsy boy Where do you plan to go to I’m gonna spread a lot of love And my piece of my mind too One

Crash Landing

JIMI HENDRIX_Somewhere_cover single_m Crash Landing Hey! You don’t love me , you just want me. So let’s make it baby, so I can leave. You don’t need me. You just want to bleed me. So take out your dagger, and cut me free, cut


JIMI HENDRIX_Somewhere_cover single_m Izabella Izabella I’m dreamin’ about you every night in my bed Every night You know good and well darlin, We got this war to fight. So I hope you're receiving me baby, You know I hope everything’s

Baby Let Me Move You

JIMI HENDRIX_Somewhere_cover single_m Baby Let Me Move You Baby let me move ya Ooo, Baby let me move ya Baby let move Ooo, Baby let me move You know you lookin’ so good Oh, Baby let me move ya With ya pretty fine self You know

Bleeding Heart

JIMI HENDRIX_Somewhere_cover single_m Bleeding Heart Have mercy! People, listen now. You know what it means to be left alone? Have mercy people! You know what it means to be left alone? No letter today Not even a call on my telephone Every,

Hear My Train A Comin’

JIMI HENDRIX_Somewhere_cover single_m Hear My Train A Comin’ Well I Hear my train a comin' Hear my, hear my train a comin' Ay yeah Well I wait around the train station, waitin' for that train Take me, take me, take me away From


JIMI HENDRIX_Somewhere_cover single_m Somewhere Oh uh, I see fingers, hands and shades of faces, Reachin up and not quite touchin the promised land, I hear pleas and prayers and a desperate whisper sayin, Oh Lord, please give us a helpin

Earth Blues

JIMI HENDRIX_Somewhere_cover single_m Earth Blues Well, I see hands and tear-stained faces, reaching up, but not quite touchin’ the promise land. Well, I taste tears and a precious years wasted, saying, “Lord please send us a helping